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The departments of Provence are Vaucluse, Var, Bouches-du-Rhone, and some areas of Alpes-Maritimes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. One area of France that provides a mix of culture, history, and modern attractions is the Provence area, which is found in south France along the Mediterranean Sea. Certain towns in Provence are situated by the French Riviera, making it a good place for a day France trip or an extended south France vacation. There’s Nice, where one can tour museums e. G the Musee d’Art d’Histoire Palais Massena, the Mark Chagall Museum, the Ancient Museum of Terra Amata, or the Matisse Museum.

Holiday maker Activities in Provence Travellers can find lots to do in just about any town of Provence. Continue reading

You are taking a family vacation in France, but haven’t a clue where to take the youngsters? You can’t get it wrong with theme parks, and happily France has got plenty of of them. Here’s the pick of the most important ones, sure to keep the children quiet ( or howling loudly dependent on the ride ) on your folks vacation in France. If the word ‘educational’ is probably going to make your children run for the hills, maybe you must sell them on the key event : a massive out of doors stage behind the castle-ruins recalls seven hundred years of the local history on the planet’s biggest stage with thousands of actors, tons of horses and around four hundred fireworks per performance! Plainly this is kind of pricey, so is only on in summer season – check it’s on ahead, but if it is don’t hesitate in making this a central part of your folks vacation in France. Continue reading

The Gtes in France ( Gites de France ) are personal French vacation properties that are generally accessible to rent. Gtes are fully-furnished and provided for self-catering and there may be more than fifty-five thousand registered in France. The gite owner frequently lives near to the accommodation to provide help, help and a hearty welcome to guests though this is starting to modify in France with lots of property firms organizing this for the owners. Many owners organize their own rentals and they can be discovered thru online searches or by checking with the holiday maker info office in the area that you need to stay. Now , twenty five percent of the United Kingdom market is making an investment in caravans in France. Taking the choice to take a position in a caravan in France is a cost-effective vacation option, since you are not purchasing a house and there’s less upkeep concerned. Continue reading

It isn’t tricky to learn French words. Any person can do it. Repeat the words enough to oneself and ultimately they will stick. So what’s a French phrase? Well the best place to start would be ‘Bonjour, comment allez-vous’ ( that is ‘hello, how are you?’ BTW ). You might teach French words to a parrot – but it is not language.

There’s an offline world as well, and language courses that are produced by established publishing homes , for example Hodder or Routledge are of the very best quality, something that you can not always be certain of when using resources printed on the Web. This is a way better prospect than attempting to cobble together a French course yourself from what you find online. Continue reading


France, as is universally acknowledged, is a fascinating country with a rich culture and unique lifestyle, and is comprised of passionate citizens who are proud of its heritage and achievements especially in the fields of decorative art and culture. Moreover, France has been declared as the best place to live in Europe by the Uswitch Survey! If you are contemplating to live in this beautiful country, various considerations and guidelines can assist you in attaining an enhanced living experience in France.

Often, one of the major obstacles when going to a new country is effective communication. A Frenchman won’t entertain you if you speak in English! French people take pride in their language. The best way to show your respect for that is to speak French to the best of your abilities – even if it’s just a few, badly pronounced words. Continue reading

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