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Living In France.


France, as is universally acknowledged, is a fascinating country with a rich culture and unique lifestyle, and is comprised of passionate citizens who are proud of its heritage and achievements especially in the fields of decorative art and culture. Moreover, France has been declared as the best place to live in Europe by the Uswitch Survey! If you are contemplating to live in this beautiful country, various considerations and guidelines can assist you in attaining an enhanced living experience in France.

Often, one of the major obstacles when going to a new country is effective communication. A Frenchman won’t entertain you if you speak in English! French people take pride in their language. The best way to show your respect for that is to speak French to the best of your abilities – even if it’s just a few, badly pronounced words. You may be surprised at how readily you will be accepted among the French once you master their language.

Living In France

Living in France can be the most unique experience in the world. Life is beautiful in France! There aren’t any probations on renting or purchasing property. Public transport is clean, efficient, reliable and affordable. The law requires you to carry your driving licence, insurance details and carte gris with you at all times. These are routinely checked on the spot by police, and you will be in trouble if you do not have them or if they are out of date. Health cover in France works in a very different way from America – only 50 – 75% of health costs are refundable and top up insurance is required for the rest. Even if you have no french income, it is imperative to register for tax (impots) even if there is nothing to declare.

Working in France

Instead of the conventional “Good morning!” at work, you can personalise the greet with an enthusiastic “Bonjour (Person’s Name)!”. Formal greetings are usually marked by a light handshake, with women generally offering their hand first; superiors, however, take the initiative among men. A light kiss on the cheek are common among friends and casual contacts. Various departments of the company rarely socialize, so make sure you follow the authoritarian style of leadership which prevails in the French corporate workplace. Organisational hierarchy is religiously followed while working in France, and understanding this may become your key to climb the corporate leader.

Moving to France

It’s vital to collect all advice and guidance before you consider moving to finance. There are various types of Visa’s catering to different requirements, for instance Entry Visa, Travel Visa, Resident Visa, Business Visa. Choosing the right one is essential for a problem-free stay in France. A major advice for people moving to France? Learn the language, speak softly and keep a sense of humor. If you are moving with children, a proper research about the schools may give you an edge over others, because help for English speaking kids in the French schooling system is practically non existent. It is essential to be thorough with your financial planning before you act on your decision to move to France.

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